Thailand: Govt projects to speed up

  • Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has ordered the cabinet to speed up implementation of projects to benefit the people as the government has only one year left in office.
  • Speaking after the weekly cabinet meeting, Gen Prayut said the government has so far approved spending of THB984bn of the THB1tr loan endorsed by the cabinet in Apr 20 to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • According to the prime minister, about 73% of the funds have been disbursed and the government has earmarked the remaining THB15bn to subsidise utility bills.
  • Gen Prayut said he has instructed cabinet ministers to expedite schemes over the next year and make plans that can be used by the next government, stressing that continuity is key.
  • “I have no objection to project proposals but they must be examined and screened by several levels of committees. The public and private sectors all participate in the project reviews. These schemes are not designed for anyone in particular but for the Thai people,” he said.
  • He said all the plans are prepared from the bottom up and they are vetted by parties concerned before they are reviewed by the cabinet.
  • “I’ve stressed that within one year the government should deliver concrete results on what it has done and outline its plan for the year ahead,” he said.
  • He also assured that the government would ensure transparency in spending.

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