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Centennial Asia Advisors Asian Insights provides a conclusive weekly update of key global economic and political developments, with a keen focus on the Asian economies driving global growth. Our Insights provide subscribers with an assessment of how global trends affect Asia while also keeping abreast of the macroeconomic and geopolitical trends within Asia.

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The Centennial Asia Advisors Regional Heatmap shows an overview of both the region and individual economies. It provides an efficient and holistic summary of the trends in various economic indicators.

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Quote of the Month

“The prospects for economic growth in Asia continue to improve as the global economy gains more engines of growth such as the strong fiscal stimulus in the US. However, this high growth and the emerging signs of higher inflation will almost certainly produce more aggressive monetary easing in the US and elsewhere than expected. This is bound to cause more financial turbulence, which will affect Asian currencies and financial asset prices. Still, the improvement in the region's fundamentals since 2013 suggests that it should not endure the same level of sharp currency depreciations and asset price corrections it had to in the mid-2013 "taper tantrums".”

- 1 March 2018


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