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Centennial Asia Advisors is an independent research and advisory firm committed to providing high-calibre economic and political analysis on Asia Pacific markets to a diverse range of clients including government and political leaders, international organizations, multinational corporations, and financial institutions.

We leverage our experience and knowledge of the region's diverse markets to provide clients with a clear, in-depth understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the world's most dynamic economies.

We are the Asia-based subsidiary of the Centennial Group, a global advisory firm headquartered in Washington DC.

Our Services

At their core, our services and products help clients navigate the dynamic markets in the Asia Pacific region. We pride ourselves in telling it as it is, with our analyses and views untainted by vested interests or political and commercial pressures.

Our People

Our Board

Roberto de Ocampo OBE


Dr. de Ocampo is Founding Partner of Centennial Group International, a Washington-based advisory firm specializing in high-level policy and strategy formulation at the international, national, and corporate levels. He was Secretary of Finance in 1992-1998 under the presidency of Fidel Ramos, and has been recognized as one of the top finance ministers for his role in facilitating the liberalization and reform of the Philippine economy. Dr. de Ocampo has a long and distinguished career in public service, having pioneered a nationwide rural electrification program in his early days as a Philippine civil servant. He has won honors from the British and French governments, as well as other accolades for his record in public service.

Harinder Kohli


Harinder Kohli is president and chief executive officer of Centennial Group International, as well as Chief Executive of the Emerging Markets Forum. Prior to his roles at the firm, he spent 26 years at the World Bank where he held senior technical and management roles, holding the position of Senior Advisor for East Asia and the Pacific specialising in private participation in infrastructure before leaving the Bank to found the Centennial Group. Harinder has experience in working across over 50 countries in technical, strategic, and country-relations management.

Gautam Kaji


Gautam Jaji is the chairman of the Centennial Group, as well as a director on the boards of listed and privately-held companies in various countries including The Cabot Corporation, Infrastructure Development Finance Co. Ltd (India), and Washington Asset Management. Prior to his private sector career, Gautam was a veteran of the World Bank, having served as a managing director of the Bank responsible for oversight of programs in Asia and Africa, chairing the Bank’s Operations Committee while also sitting on the Executive Committee. Gautam holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Anoop Singh


Anoop is the head of the global financial markets and banking practice at the Centennial Group. A former veteran of the International Monetary Fund, Anoop helped design IMF-supported programs in emerging market and transition economies, including leading IMF missions to Southeast Asian markets during the 1998 crisis. He also has served in senior advisory roles at the Reserve Bank of India and the World Bank, among other institutions. An expert in the economics of Asia, he has published widely on financial markets and macroeconomic risks in emerging markets.

Our Team

Manu Bhaskaran

Chief Executive Officer

Manu is a leading economic analyst with over 40 years of experience studying economic, political, and foreign affairs in Asia. He has wide-ranging experience in advising government and private sector clients on the dynamics of the Asia Pacific region and the opportunities and challenges of operating in the region. He is also a regular speaker in conferences and briefings, and has a regular column in The Edge, and has contributed chapters to books discussing long-run developments in the world and Asian economies.

In addition to leading Centennial Asia Advisors, Manu is also a partner of the Washington-based Centennial Group International. Furthermore, he serves or has served in leadership and board roles in a variety of private and non-profit organizations, including the International Monetary Fund’s Asia Pacific Regional Advisory Group, CIMB Investment Bank, Japfa Ltd., and the Economic Society of Singapore among others. Manu holds degrees from Cambridge and Harvard universities, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Donald Low

Associate Partner

Donald is an accomplished consultant and academic in behavioural economics, decision-making, and public policy. His career has included 15 years in the Singapore Administrative Service, where he held senior positions in the Ministry of Finance, as well as established the Centre for Public Economics at the Civil Service College. He has also held leadership roles in the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and currently the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

He is also a critically-acclaimed author, having written two influential books on the policy applications of behavioural economics, as well as political governance in Singapore. He is also a regular contributor to various media outlets on economic and political developments in China and Hong Kong. Donald holds double-first in politics, philosophy, and economics from Oxford University and a masters’ in international public policy from Johns Hopkins University.

Chenyue Lok


Chenyue’s work at Centennial Asia Advisors focuses on economic and political analysis in Malaysia, Indonesia, and India. He has authored reports on the long-run growth prospects of economies in the region, and delivered on projects covering major electoral events in the region and their policy consequences. Prior to joining the firm, he was an economist in the Malaysian public sector, specializing in the economic analysis of aviation markets and competition policy. Chenyue holds degrees in economics and public policy from University College London and the University of Tokyo respectively. Outside of work, he enjoys reading, particularly on economic and religious history.

Hoe Li En


Li En is an economist with Centennial Asia Advisors and specialises in the economics and politics of China and Thailand, regularly producing weekly articles and updates covering topics including the impact of a China slowdown on regional economies as well as its cyclical and long-term growth prospects. He also covers developments in Vietnam and Hong Kong, regional geopolitics, and trends in global supply chains. Li En graduated with a Double First Class in Economics and Aerospace Engineering from Nanyang Technological University in 2023. In his personal life, he is passionate about reading and running.

Melanie Tng


Melanie is an economist at Centennial Asia Advisors, where she oversees the economies of Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and the Philippines, alongside analysing technology and commodity markets. She was previously a technology industry analyst at a leading credit ratings and research firm, focusing on technological trends in the region and providing industry insights. In her spare time, Melanie enjoys reading, particularly on theology and historical fiction. She holds a double degree in Economics and Political Science from Singapore Management University.

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