Bespoke Research


We serve our clients with our research products that are highly focused on Asia. We mainly track Asian and emerging economies such as China, India/SAARC, ASEAN, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Our research offers insight into the constantly evolving political and economic landscape in Asia, and what it means to our client’s bottom-line.

Our clients retain us to generate weekly, monthly or quarterly reports on economic and financial scenarios at national, regional and global levels. These research products are vital instruments that they use for the policy formulation and decision-making at all levels.

We also offer On-Demand research products that are focused on :

  • Country or Region specific issues
  • Political scenarios
  • Macro-economic trends and conditions

Additionally, we are also able to leverage the extensive and in-depth research database, tools and products of our parent company, The Centennial Group. The Centennial Group’s research has involved the collection, compilation and processing of a wealth of economic and financial data, at national and global levels. These knowledge products are important tools to inform and formulate policy and decision-making at all levels.

The Centennial Group has developed the following research products:

This model projects the GDPs and related indicators of 185 countries through 2050 under alternate economic scenarios with 36 parameters that can be varied to customize the model for different users and audiences. The model’s methodology is given in Kohli, Szyf, & Arnold (2011) “Possibilities for the World’s Economies through 2050 Using a Revised Growth Model for 185 Countries”. Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies.

This model projects infrastructure stocks and needs and investment requirements (including for new capacity and maintenance) under alternate scenarios for 10 infrastructure sectors:  airports, broadband, electricity, landlines, mobile phones, ports, rail, road, sanitation, and water. The methodology is given in Kohli & Basil (2011) “Requirements for Infrastructure Investment in Latin America Under Alternate GrowthScenarios: 2011-2040”. Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies. Volume 3, Issue 3.

This index compares and measures indicators of resilience of 60 emerging market countries to external shocks and ten sub-indicies for the years 1996 to 2010. An overview of the methodology is given in Boorman et al (2010) “The New Resilience of Emerging Market Countries: Weathering the Recent Crisis in the Global Economy”. Centennial Group Working Paper.

The Index measures and compares 21 characteristics of countries’ financial systems, including depth, openness, efficiency, bank soundness, systemic liquidity, policy transparency, private sector governance, and legal framework. An overview of the methodology is given in Centennial Group & Emerging Markets present 2009 FDS Index: Index of Financial Development and Strength (2009).

An example of a research product on Asia which we have been able to produce from the comprehensive database is “Asia 2050: Realizing The Asian Century – Harinder Kohli, Ashok Sharma and Anil Sood

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