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These are sample stories on Asia which we track on a daily basis. The sources and links to the stories, which are available online, are acknowledged and listed. Where any of these stories require paid subscription to access, we've listed only the portion which the site allows.

Philippines expands US access to military bases


The United States and the Philippines agreed to a deal on 2 Feb that will give US troops access to four more military bases in the South-east Asian nation. A statement from the Philippine defence

India hikes spending, shuns ‘outright populism’ in last pre-election budget


India announced on 1 Feb one of its biggest ever increases in capital spending for the next fiscal year to create jobs but targeted a narrower fiscal deficit in its last full budget ahead of

North Korea says U.S. drills have pushed situation to ‘extreme red-line’


North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said on 2 Feb that drills by the United States and its allies have pushed the situation to an “extreme red-line” and threaten to turn the peninsula into a “huge war

U.S efforts to decouple from China are hurting American businesses


Decoupling with China has put US businesses at a disadvantage and Washington should pursue “self-interested coordination” when dealing with Beijing. China and the United States are in a headlong descent from a competitive but sometimes

U.S., India partnership targets arms and AI to compete with China


The White House is launching a partnership with India on 31 Jan that President Joe Biden hopes will help the countries compete against China on military equipment, semiconductors and artificial intelligence (AI). Washington wants to