Asian Insights


Centennial Asia Advisors’ Asian Insights provides a conclusive weekly update of key global economic and political developments, with a keen focus on the forward looking drivers of Asian economies. Our Insights provide subscribers with an assessment of how global trends affect Asia while also keeping abreast of the macroeconomic and geopolitical trends within Asia. We mainly track Asian emerging economies such as China, India/SAARC, ASEAN, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

The insights draw on our in-depth knowledge of the Asia’s economic and political trends, in-house economic models and on-the-ground sources. By leveraging on our network, which spans both the public and private sectors across diverse industries, we have been able to develop unique insights into the social, institutional and political considerations that influence key macro-economic trends throughout Asia.

Asian Insights will alert subscribers to new and dynamic trends that we believe could be game changers for the Asian region. Readers will also benefit from our innovative economic models; our most recent Global Liquidity Index allowed us to make calls on economies ahead of lead indicators.

Our research offers insight into the constantly evolving political and economic landscape in Asia, and what it means to our client’s bottom-line. Readers will understand the trends and relativities within Asia, allowing them to make cross-border capital allocation decisions with confidence.