The Centennial Asia Difference


Our value proposition can be summed up by the following facts:

  • We are truly independent and have no affiliations whatsoever with any institution.
  • We have deep political, economic and policy networks, built up over 30 years, that help us keep our ears to the ground.
  • We have a strong and fundamental understanding of the economic trends and markets and their interplay with the political scenarios.
  • Our powerful global clients have trusted us with their business and decisions for more than 10 years.

Our clients choose us because of the following unique benefits we deliver:

Innovative research
A reservoir of knowledge
Successful track record
in advisory services
A team of brilliant

The net impact we deliver as a result of our engagement is that we have always lowered the risks in decision-making for our clients. If you are involved in high-level policy making or a strategic decision-making situation, we would like to support you with our proven and successful research methodologies and advisory services.