Who We Are


At Centennial Asia Advisors, we tell it like it is. We have no vested interests, no need for a China wall, and no reason to skew our outlook any other way. With over 30 years experience covering Asia’s political economy, you can be sure our conclusions and analyses are based on the unadulterated facts. Through years of fine-tuning our research methodologies, we deliver a quality of macroeconomic analysis few other houses can match.

Centennial Asia Advisors is an independent research and advisory firm that works with governments, multilateral institutions, financial firms and leading MNCs. We serve our clients with our research-based insights and high-level policy and strategic advisory services. We help our clients understand the trends and relativities within Asia, allowing them to make cross-border capital allocation decisions with confidence.

Centennial Asia Advisors, a subsidiary of the global advisory firm, the Centennial Group, established its Asian office in Singapore in 2002. Since then, we have managed a wide variety of in depth research projects for key decision makers in the following types of organizations:

  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Government and supranational organizations
  • Global MNCs
  • Fund management institutions
  • Family offices

Areas of expertise

Unmatched understanding
of current trends.

Our years of experience tracking Asia’s political economy and its impact on the various asset classes in Asia give us particular insight into the constantly evolving macroeconomic landscape in Asia.

Giving confidence
to decision makers.

Our strong macro economic framework, unrivaled understanding of current trends, and deep connections within Asia have allowed us to help key decision makers minimize the risks associated with their decisions.

Intimate knowledge
of Asia.

Our intimate knowledge of Asia, and deep connections with both policy makers and captains of industry throughout the region, allows us to advise on both general and highly sensitive transactions. For example, we provided the macroeconomic risk analysis for one of the largest foreign direct investments in India.

Strong macroeconomic

Centennial Asia Advisors leverages the proprietary macroeconomic models of Centennial Group, including the Centennial Global Growth Model, which was used in the ADB’s Asia 2050 report, and the Centennial Resilience Index, which has over the years, accurately captured Asia’s ability to respond to and rebound from various macroeconomic and financial shocks.