Malaysia: No seat-sharing policy in Umno-PAS charter

  • UMNO and PAS have denied their new charter on political cooperation will involve seat sharing in the coming election.
  • The secretaries-general of the two opposition parties rubbished a news report that speculated Umno was ready to give up some of the seats it traditionally contested to the Islamist party for the 15th general election.
  • “The Umno-PAS charter that has been approved by the consultative committees of both parties never touches on the issue of seat-sharing for elections.
  • “Instead, it has been agreed that Umno and PAS will each have their own mechanism to handle the matter,” said Umno’s Annuar Musa and PAS’ Takiyuddin Hassan in a joint statement on 30 Jul 19.
  • Umno vice-president Mohamed Khaled Nordin, who sits on the technical coordinating committee on the joint charter, said it was premature for Umno and PAS to formalise any arrangement about seat sharing.

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