India: Telangana one of BJP’s focus states following Karnataka

  • With the election process in Karnataka coming to a close, Telangana would be one of the focus states for BJP and the party was gearing up for the polls in 2019, state BJP president K Laxman has said.

  • Legislative Assembly polls in Telangana would be held simultaneously with the Lok Sabha elections in 2019. Shah is likely to visit Telangana in Jun 18 to assess the political situation and plan for the elections, he said.

  • Laxman said the BJP is organisationally strong in the state and that it will adopt the model of constituting ‘Panna Pramukhs’ at polling booth level to strengthen itself in the state.

  • ‘Panna Pramukhs’ is a successful model followed by the BJP in different states in which the in-charge of a ‘Panna’ (literal meaning page) reaches out to the voters’ families who are part of his list.

  • BJP would also highlight the alleged failure of TRS government in Telangana to keep its promises, including employment generation, providing two bedroom houses to poor and distribution of three acres of land to Dalits, he added.

  • The party’s central leadership would focus on the states where it is not in power as the respective Chief Ministers would lead the party in states where it is in power, he added.

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