India: BJP hopes Northeast win gives it momentum in Karnataka

  • The BJP in Karnataka is bolstered by the party wresting power from the communists and the Congress in the Northeast but also hampered by the fact that it has no “wild card” to play in the southern state that is due for assembly elections in another two months.
  • Sources both in the BJP and Congress admit that the Northeast results won’t have any substantial impact on Karnataka elections as the BJP does not have any new card to play. “In the Northeast, they are fresh. In Karnataka, all their cards are known and on the table.
  • There is no Hemanta Biswa Sarma or Sunil Deodhar to create new elements. It is the same Yeddyurappa and BL Santosh,” a Congress leader pointed out.
  • Currently, surveys by both parties have found that the Congress is ahead in the race, though the state does appear to be heading towards a hung assembly. The BJP leadership in the state, however, feels the Northeast results have ensured that the party and its aura of success would continue to be in the news cycle and in the public eye for another 10 days.
  • “They may be small states, but we get to say that we are in power in 22 states in the country now and that is a powerful slogan,” another state BJP leader contended.

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