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Singapore: Bouncing back to health?

Manu Bhaskaran

After a long period of generally desultory performance, the Singapore economy is stirring to life. Economic growth has picked up, exports are reviving and even the property sector seems to be improving. Yet, other indicators are less exciting, raising the question of whether this rebound is sustainable.

The Philippines continues to its upward March

Manu Bhaskaran

The Philippine economy has defied the naysayers, continuing to grow at a rapid pace that has placed it as Southeast Asia’s fastest growing nation. Encouragingly, the Duterte Administration’s respected economic policy team has built on past reforms to introduce new initiatives to strengthen the base for future growth.

Asia’s future: no escape from the US

Manu Bhaskaran

Love it or hate it, Asia is inextricably tied into the US and however much China has grown in importance, it is still the US which will be the principal driver of Asia’s fortunes in the next few years. The good news is that the American economy appears poised for a strong pickup, one which will give a nice boost to the Asian economies.

Singapore: Cyclical uptick but structural challenges remain

Manu Bhaskaran

Singapore has received some much-needed good economic news of late, with economic growth and exports surprising to the upside. However, the external environment could grow more challenging if protectionism and populism do take root in key markets.

Indonesia: Building a head of steam

Manu Bhaskaran

Indonesia has been and remains a good story among large emerging economies. However, the news flow has fallen a tad short of expectations of late. Indonesia’s economy grew by about 5% in 2016, rising from 4.8% in 2015 but below the 6%-type rates experienced in 2010-2012 which had raised hopes that Indonesia could enjoy an acceleration in …