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Time for an Asian-Asean century


Centennial Asian Advisor’s Chairman ROBERTO F. DE OCAMPO is invited to write as part of a compilation of selected articles from key ASEAN Thought Leaders to commemorate ASEAN’s 50th Anniversary. This article was published by The Strait times and Viet Nam News.

What if global inflation surprises on the upside?

Manu Bhaskaran

Inflation, or more precisely the lack of inflation, has become a major point of contention for monetary policy makers and also for those seeking to understand where asset markets are heading. In general, this year has seen lower than expected inflation in developed economies.

Thailand: Is it over its bad patch?

Manu Bhaskaran

Thailand has endured more than 12 years of successive political crises and economic stresses. In recent months, the news flow appears to have brightened a tad, raising the hopes that Thailand might finally be coming out of its long dark patch.

Singapore Property: Are Expectations Unmoored by Reality?

Manu Bhaskaran

After languishing for many years because of cooling measures enforced by the Government, rising transaction volumes and stabilising property prices are encouraging hopes for a property market revival. The government’s tweaks to some of the macroprudential cooling measures have added to these hopes.

Singapore: Bouncing back to health?

Manu Bhaskaran

After a long period of generally desultory performance, the Singapore economy is stirring to life. Economic growth has picked up, exports are reviving and even the property sector seems to be improving. Yet, other indicators are less exciting, raising the question of whether this rebound is sustainable.