Wang Yi boosts China-Germany friendship

  • China’s top diplomat Wang Yi has signalled Beijing’s willingness to join hands with Berlin in the face of global uncertainties, in a meeting on 31 May aimed at preparing the way for a widely expected visit to Germany by Premier Li Qiang.
  • According to the Chinese foreign ministry, Jens Plotner, the German foreign and security policy adviser, said Germany was also “very much looking forward” to the consultation and would work with China to speed up the preparatory work.
  • The pair also “exchanged views” on the war in Ukraine, the foreign ministry said.
  • Germany was among the stops on Chinese special envoy Li Hui’s recent peace mission, which included visits to Ukraine, Russia, France, Poland and Brussels.
  • There has been little evidence that Li’s visit turned around widely held suspicions in Europe about China’s close relations with Russia, which Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have hailed as a “no limits” friendship.
  • When Qin met his German counterpart in Berlin in May 23, he said the strategy could become a “de-sinicisation” of Europe and that the real risk to European countries came from “a certain country” waging a “new cold war”. The US was not named.
  • The EU member states’ approach to China has been fragmented, with French President Emmanuel Macron warning against becoming a “vassal” of the US.

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