Visiting EU parliamentarians meet with President Tsai

  • A delegation from the European Parliament met with President Tsai Ing-wen in Taipei on 21 Jun, as part of its ongoing visit to Taiwan.
  • “Today it is more important than ever to develop the unity of democracies, which is why we are here [in Taiwan]” following Russia’s sustained “illegal” aggression against Ukraine, Lithuanian MEP and head of the delegation Rasa Juknevičienė told Tsai at the meeting.
  • “There is a direct connection between European prosperity and Asian security,” said Juknevičienė, who currently serves as vice-chair of the EU Parliament’s Subcommittee on Security and Defense.
  • “The EU and the member states should take a proactive role in establishing partnerships with the democratic government of Taiwan,” she added, mentioning, in particular, her country’s pact with Taiwan in 2021 to establish a representative office in each other’s capital.
  • Meanwhile, Tsai thanked the European Parliament for adopting several resolutions recently to voice concern over the stability of the Taiwan Strait and support Taiwan’s international participation.
  • “I believe that Taiwan and the EU are well placed to continue deepening their partnership in all domains,” Tsai said, adding she looked forward to seeing more exchanges between the two sides in the areas of trade, technology, culture, and regional security.
  • She also urged both sides to work together to strengthen democratic alliances and promote regional peace, stability and prosperity in the face of authoritarian expansion.

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