Vietnam tightens measures as COVID-19 cases surge

  • Vietnam announced the suspension of incoming international flights to its capital and tightened restrictions in its biggest city on 31 May 21 as part efforts to contain a coronavirus outbreak that has seen cases double in May 21.
  • After successfully containing coronavirus outbreaks for most of 2020, Vietnam is seeing infections rise sharply and has detected several highly transmissible variants, including a new one announced on 29 May 21 that had elements of the variants first identified in Britain and India.
  • The inbound flight suspension to Hanoi will apply from Jun 1 to Jun 7 and made no mention of domestic flights. Vietnam has been restricting inbound international flights since the start of the pandemic.
  • It follows a similar move by the business hub Ho Chi Minh City, which on 31 May 21 started 15 days of measures that include bans on dining in restaurants and public gatherings of more than 10 people, plus closures of casinos and beauty salons. It has urged people over 60 to stay indoors.
  • Vietnam, a country of 98 million people, has recorded 7,236 COVID-19 infections so far, one of the world’s lowest caseloads. It has reported 47 deaths overall.
  • The new outbreak has reached 34 of its 63 provinces and comes at a time when only about 28,000 people have been fully vaccinated against the virus.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) representative in Vietnam on 31 May 21 said the “combination” announced by authorities at the weekend was the Indian variant with a mutation that had been found in the British variant.
  • The WHO said that among some 32 samples from people infected people with the Indian COVID-19 variant in clusters in northern Vietnam, four had a Y144 deletion mutation in the spike protein.

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