The Philippines: COMELEC eye debates from Feb 22

  • At an online news briefing, Comelec spokesman James Jimenez said they might decide to scrap the pre-election day debates since the number of presidential and vice presidential candidates are now at a “manageable” number.
  • “Right now we are cutting down the number of candidates who are running for President. So it might no longer be necessary to have a pre-debate,” Jimenez said.
  • He said they are now considering pushing through with the main debates, which were supposed to be held in February, March, and April after the start of the campaign period. Jimenez said they would come out with their final decision before end-Jan 22.
  • Comelec is now wrapping the official list of candidates for the elections. Based on the initial list of candidates of the poll body, there are currently 15 presidential aspirants and five vice presidential aspirants. Jimenez said they are still eyeing to come out with the final list of candidates by 7 Jan 22.

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