The Philippines building up fleet in South China Sea to counter Chinese

  • The Philippines is taking a page out of China’s book by building up its own fleet that includes fishing boats in the South China Sea, the South-east Asian nation’s top diplomat said.
  • He also said the Philippines’ defence treaty with the US will kick in if one of the country’s military vessels is hit, citing US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo’s assurance in 2019.
  • China is willing to work with the Philippines and other South-east Asian countries to uphold peace and stability in the South China Sea, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin at a press briefing in Beijing on 28 Oct 20, while maintaining Beijing’s historical claims in the disputed waters.
  • President Rodrigo Duterte has recently leaned back toward the US and toughened his stance against China.
  • In Sep 20 in front of world leaders, he defended the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s 2016 ruling in favour of the Philippines that said Beijing’s expansive territorial claims in the South China Sea breached international law.

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