The Philippines: Bong Go withdraws, says he was unprepared for presidential race

  • Sen. Christopher “Bong” Go said he is backing out of the 2022 presidential race.
  • In a chance interview with reporters, the first-term senator admitted he was not prepared to seek the highest elective post in the country.
  • According to Go, his family did not want him to run for president and he did not want to add to Duterte’s problems.
  • “In the past few days I realized that my heart and my mind are contradicting my actions… Those are my reasons. That’s why I am withdrawing from the race,” he said.
  • Go’s withdrawal leaves the ruling party without an official candidate for 2022’s polls for now.
  • Elections spokesperson James Jimenez said the poll body’s “law department has no authority to accept any filings, considering that today is a holiday.”
  • He added that Go is not entitled to substitution since he is withdrawing voluntarily.

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