The Philippines: 36 years after ousting Marcos, Filipinos elect son as president

  • With 94.23% of precincts already accounted for, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., the only son and namesake of the late Philippine dictator, is the presumptive winner of the 2022 presidential elections in the Philippines.
  • It is a historic win nearly four decades after Filipinos booted out his family out of power, ending a well-oiled campaign that sought to bury the past, rally for unity, and evade scrutiny.
  • As of 4:41 am on 10 May 22, partial and unofficial results from the Commission on Elections’ transparency server showed Marcos Jr. with 30,015,540 votes so far, representing 58.86% of total votes reported for all presidential candidates.
  • The 64-year-old Marcos Jr. is set to become the 17th president of the Philippines, as he receives more than double the votes of his closest opponent, Vice President Leni Robredo, who has garnered 14,309,524 votes or 28.06% as of the latest update.
  • He will succeed the strongman Rodrigo Duterte, winning without his outright support. It’s the first presidential elections since the rebirth of democracy in 1986 where the outgoing president did not endorse a candidate.
  • The President’s daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, was Marcos Jr.’s running mate, getting 30,310,743 votes or 61.08%, as of 4:06 am.
  • “This is bad for the country. There would be no good governance as we know it. Cronyism and dynasty will thrive,” said jailed opposition leader Leila De Lima.
  • Researchers documented a well-entrenched social media network benefitting Marcos and undermining all his opponents, some networks are a clear disinformation web, while some focused on rebranding like hyping up Marcos Jr.’s eldest son Sandro.
  • Yet Marcos Jr. denied time and time again he had any direct link to the trolls, although those critical of him, even journalists, were subjected to red-tagging and other targeted online attacks.

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