Thailand’s largest opposition faces dissolution fears after election

  • With another pro-democratic party forced to dissolve after it made a remarkable rise in the 2019 elections due to violating election laws, recent discussions at Pheu Thai’s strategy meetings touched on the need for “political insurance” to deal with such threats
  • “We cannot underestimate our adversaries as they try every which way to prevent us from forming a government,” Pichai Naripthaphan, a former energy minister and vice chairman of the Pheu Thai party’s strategic committee said.
  • He also cited that the party needs at least 251 of the 500 seats up for grabs to build “an electoral mandate to deal with this threat” and that it aims for 310 seats for more political security and to strengthen its hand in the eventual behind-the-scenes bargaining after the polls to form the next government.
  • Pheu Thai will be fielding 392 candidates to contest the 400 constituency seats and 100 candidates for the 100 “party-list” seats based on the ballots cast for each party.
  • But standing in the way are the threats that hang over Pheu Thai’s fate — which could result in a party dissolution under the country’s court process.

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