Thailand: Trial on FFP loan scandal fixed for 21 Feb 20

  • The Constitutional Court says it will rule on whether to dissolve the Future Forward Party (FFP) on 21 Feb 20 over allegations that it accepted an illegal THB191.2mn loan from its leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, a violation of the organic law on political parties.
  • The court said on 5 Feb 20 that it had also ordered the 17 witnesses as listed by the FFP to present their written testimonies by 12 Feb 20.
  • On 25 Dec 19, the court accepted the Election Commission (EC)’s request to consider disbanding the FFP for accepting a loan from Mr Thanathorn to finance its election campaign.
  • The EC cited Section 72 of the law which prohibits parties and its executives from accepting cash donations, assets or other benefits when they know or suspect the money comes from an illegitimate source. The EC considers the loan illegitimate, citing Sections 62 and 66 of the law on political parties.
  • Section 62 stipulates sources of income for parties. It allows parties to conduct fundraisers or receive donations, but it does not include loans as a legitimate financial source.
  • Section 66 of the law bars any individual from donating money or assets to parties in excess of THB10mn within a one-year period.

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