Thailand: Sudarat hits back at NCPO over court threats

  • Pheu Thai leader Sudarat Keyuraphan on 19 May 18 reprimanded the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) for pressing charges against her party.

  • Khunying Sudarat said the junta was misusing the law to protect its power and silence its critics.

  • She referred to Section 116 of the Criminal Code – covering sedition – which was cited by the NCPO in its request to the Crime Suppression Division to press charges against eight party members on 17 May 18.

  • Other charges included breaching the Computer Crime Act and violating a ban on political activities.

  • Pheu Thai has vowed to fight back by counter-suing the NCPO.

  • The latest feud between Pheu Thai and the NCPO erupted after the party highlighted the shortcomings of the four-year-old regime, including its failure to restore democracy, bring about reconciliation, tackle corruption and stimulate the economy.

  • It posted its criticisms on the party website under the headline “Four years of failure of the government and NCPO.” The publication came shortly before the fourth anniversary of the coup on 22 May 18.

  • The regime’s decision to press charges against Pheu Thai could ultimately lead to the party being disbanded.

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