Thailand: Political parties gear up for elections

  • This coming weekend, the Pheu Thai, Bhumjaithai and Democrat parties have rallies planned.
  • The Pheu Thai said it believed the next election will come sooner than next Mar 22, when the government’s tenure expires.
  • The Pheu Thai’s coming rally will be titled “Landslide For Pheu Thai, For Every Thai”, reflecting the party’s goal of winning at least 250 constituency MP seats out of 400 that are up for grabs.
  • Mr Prasert, a Nakhon Ratchasima MP, said the party will convey the message at the meeting that Pheu Thai has solutions to crises the nation is facing which are the product of the government’s incompetence.
  • He insisted that numbers matter. If the party wins at least 250 House seats, it will be handed a mandate to push policies that benefit the people, improve the rule of law and return the country to democracy.
  • Addressing the assembly, to be organised at the party’s head office in Bangkok, will be party stalwarts including leader Cholnan Srikaew; chief strategist Chaikasem Nitisiri; and Paetongtarn Shinawatra, daughter of Thaksin Shinawatra and Pheu Thai’s chief of Inclusion and Innovation Adviser Committees.
  • Ms Paetongtarn is also dubbed “Head of the Pheu Thai Family”.

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