Thailand: PM Prayut defends the role of 250-appointed senators

  • Prime Minister (PM) Prayut has backed the independent role of the 250-appointed senators who will join Members of Parliament (MPs) in voting for a PM post-election. However, critics did not buy his remark, saying that all NCPO-appointed senators will naturally back their support for Prayut to remain as PM, enabling the PPRP to easily gain enough parliamentary support to elect the next PM of its choice.
  • Jade Donavanik, chairman of the Faculty of Law at the College of Asian Scholars, said likewise, doubting any differences between the appointed senators and the NCPO-installed National Legislative Assembly.
  • Meanwhile, Prayut said on 22 Feb 19 that the NCPO was currently preparing a list of 12 people whom will be appointed to the screening panel to elect 400 senator candidates to be shortlisted by the NCPO.
  • In a related development, the military-appointed National Legislative Assembly’s last official date has been set on 23 May 19, a day prior to the convention of the new parliament.

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