Thailand: Pheu Thai executives resign

  • At least four Pheu Thai Party executives have tendered their resignation from the party’s board to avoid any possible political fallout from the Election Commission’s (EC) probe into the role of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra in the 20 Dec 20 local elections, said a party source.
  • According to the source, the individuals have also submitted letters to the EC to clarify they have nothing to do with the ex-premier’s actions, which could put the main opposition party’s future in jeopardy.
  • The former prime minister wrote letters, tweeted messages and spoke in video clips vouching for Pichai Lertpongadisorn, a former senator who contested and won the PAO chairmanship in Chiang Mai on 20 Dec.
  • Critics of the Pheu Thai Party saw Thaksin’s move as wielding influence over the party’s affairs, which could lead to the dissolution of the party. Firebrand activist Srisuwan Janya has petitioned the EC to investigate the matter.
  • The source said Pheu Thai members are concerned about the consequences of Thaksin’s messages being reused during election campaigns to garner support for the party’s candidate.
  • The source also said the EC expects to announce the first batch of PAO election winners in early Jan 21.

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