Thailand: Path open for PPRP coalition

  • A Democrat source said on 29 May 19 that the PPRP has agreed to let the Democrat Party take the three ministerial positions it demands, clearing the way for a coalition government to be formed successfully.
  • As it stands, the Democrats will get the three cabinet seats: agriculture, commerce and social development, and human security, which it desires to pursue its policies, including the farm price guarantee.
  • The source also explained that the Democrat Party abruptly cancelled a meeting to decide whether to join a coalition led by the PPRP, as the PPRP was not clear as to who was leading the negotiations.
  • Apart from PPRP leader Uttama Savanayana and secretary-general Sontirat Sontijirawong, the PPRP also sent Somsak Thepsuthin and Suriya Jungrungreangkit from the Sam Mitr group who insisted on keeping the three ministerial positions.
  • Mr. Uttama denied speculation that the PPRP would press ahead with a vote for a prime minister and announce the formation of its coalition government without waiting for the Democrat Party to come aboard.
  • Mr. Uttama said that there is still time left to form a coalition government, although he admitted that a definite time frame could not still be given.
  • Mr. Uttama also said that the PPRP would be approaching the Chartthaipattana and Chart Pattana parties to formally ask them to join the coalition.
  • Asked to comment on any possible impacts on coalition formation if the Democrat Party refuses to join the PPRP-led coalition, Mr Anutin said that it would mean Bhumjaithai’s demand for a stable government would not be met.
  • Meanwhile, Democrat deputy leader Nipon Boonyamanee insisted that the Democrats’ demand for constitutional amendments and its policies such as income guarantees for farmers must be incorporated into the next government’s policies.

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