Thailand: Majority upset by govt formation delay: Suan Dusit poll

  • According to the Suan Dusit poll, 67.5% of respondents believed the government formation has been delayed because the key parties have been unable to reach a settlement over cabinet seats; 28.3% thought internal rifts and indecision by party leaders is the problem; and 19.1% believed political parties had other problems.
  • Meanwhile, 76.3% of respondents felt that ongoing political wrangling has been extremely harmful, as the wrangling has caused political instability and has affected their livelihood.
  • Instead, the respondents want politicians to concentrate on helping Thailand and its people, fulfilling their campaign pledges through concrete measures.
  • Asked on how the government could expedite its formation, 43.7% of respondents asserted that parties should comply with international norms and respect the voice of the majority; 40.3% asserted that politicians should lower their demands; and 31.8% asserted that politicians should be less confrontational and avoid bickering.

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