Thailand: Jurin vows long-term support for rubber farmers

  • Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit insisted that the income guarantee for rubber farmers would continue throughout the entire term of the government. He also promised to widen export markets to help farmers.
  • “The scheme is the country’s first and it took only 98 days for the income guarantee policy to be implemented,” Mr Jurin said at an event staged to hand out cash to rubber farmers under the income guarantee scheme.
  • The government has allocated THB24bn to be given to rubber farmers to ensure they have a stable income until Mar 20.
  • The Democrat minister said the income guarantee scheme, which is a flagship policy of the coalition partner, would be effective throughout the government’s term.
  • Mr Jurin said the government was working to increase income for rubber farmers including promoting local rubber consumption, finding emerging markets, and expanding export markets to countries such as Turkey and Germany.
  • He noted that a memorandum of understanding was signed earlier for Thai suppliers to sell a combined 100,000 tonnes of rubber worth THB9bn to Indian importers.

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