Thailand: Hearings on EU FTA set for Oct 19 and Nov 19

  • The Trade Negotiations Department is scheduled to hold public hearings nationwide to hear from all stakeholders throughout Oct 19 and Nov 19, aiming to revive long-delayed trade talks between Thailand and the EU.
  • Auramon Supthaweethum, the department’s director-general, said hearings were set for 10 Oct 19 in Chon Buri for the East, 22 Oct 19 in Chiang Mai for the North, 28 Oct 19 in Songkhla for the South and 7 Nov 19 in Khon Kaen for the Northeast.
  • Mrs Auramon said a final public hearing may be held again in Bangkok after the initial hearing took place in the capital on 23 Sep 19.
  • “At the first hearing in Bangkok, most participants wanted to see the revival of Thai-EU free trade agreement (FTA) talks, claiming the pact would offer huge market opportunities for Thai products,” she said.
  • The participants said Thailand could lose the opportunity of becoming the regional base for manufacturing, trade and investment.
  • Still, certain groups of participants and civil society representatives were concerned about greater market access, state procurement processes, the health system, intellectual property and the environment.
  • Mrs Auramon said the department explained that the negotiations needed to proceed with great caution and support mechanisms such as the formation of a revolving FTA fund to help sectors affected by trade pacts.

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