Thailand: Govt urges Thais to hit 100m trip mark

  • The government is encouraging more Thais to travel to stimulate local tourism as it hopes to see 100 million domestic trips by them by the end of 2021.
  • Even though the country has reopened to welcome back foreign tourists, it will take some time before international arrivals rebound and come back past the million mark, she said. Therefore, encouraging Thais to travel in the country is a necessary step to stimulate economic growth, Rachada Dhnadirek, deputy government spokeswoman said.
  • Ms Rachada said the Ministry of Tourism and Sports has estimated that Thais will make 100 million domestic trips by the end of 2021. As of Nov 21, a total of 92 million domestic trips by Thais had been recorded, generating about THB650bn in tourism income, she said.
  • As for the third phase of the “We Travel Together” tourism stimulus scheme, which will end on 31 Jan 22, some 120,273 rooms are left unused under the initiative so the public is encouraged to book the rooms before the privilege expires, Ms Rachada said.
  • The scheme was launched in Jul 20 to revitalise the local tourism industry hit hard by the first wave of Covid-19 infections.
  • Ms Rachada also said several state agencies and private companies have launched online travel and tourism platforms with formats and content designed to attract young people.
  • For example, the Tourism Authority of Thailand presented a promotional music video entitled “Let’s travel. We want to meet you”, she said.
  • Also, the Culture Ministry has launched an app compiling information on important heritage and natural tourism sites and popular local eateries, shops and homestays, she said.

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