Thailand: Govt to spend THB120mn to stimulate tourism

  • Tourism Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn said his ministry will spend some THB120mn to promote and stimulate tourism with the goal of achieving at least 7% growth in 2019.
  • Phiphat said the THB120mn will be spent on stimulus projects and is in addition to the plan to hand out THB1,000 cash to Thais to spend on tourism, which is a measure of the Finance Ministry.
  • Phiphat said the budget would be spent on at least three measures.
  • One measure focuses on a project dubbed “THB100 visit to all parts of Thailand”. The project will randomly select 10,000 lucky persons on 9 Sep 19, 10 Oct 19, 11 Nov 19, and 12 Dec 19, who will be given a tourism package for which they will only be required to pay THB100.
  • In another measure, the Tourism and Sports Ministry will develop an e-wallet application for tourists to use to spend during their travels and which gives them 15% cash back.
  • In the third measure, tourists will be encouraged to travel on weekdays instead of weekends and long holidays and receive a range of privileges and discounts, Phiphat said. He said the details of the third measure have yet to be worked out.
  • Phiphat expressed confidence that the goal of having 40 million foreign tourists visiting the kingdom in 2019 would be reached. He said the foreign tourists would spend around THB3.37tr in the kingdom.

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