Thailand: FFP renews reform push after shootings

  • The Future Forward Party (FFP) is drumming up public support for its renewed call to push for military reforms in the wake of the mass shooting in Nakhon Ratchasima on 8 Feb 20, which was allegedly motivated by “unfairness”.
  • Mr Thanathorn rejected claims that he and his party were using the tragedy as a tool to attack the army with the aim of gaining political benefits.
  • Lt Col Phongsakon Rotchomphu and Wirot Lakkhana-adison, both FFP’s list MPs, will pinpoint at a public forum what in the army’s structure causes unfairness and what may have prompted the violence on 8 Feb 20, Mr Thanathorn said.
  • Two army working teams have been told to look into soldiers’ welfare provisions and businesses run within the barracks as well as take action against personnel found to be involved in dishonest deals, the source added. Army commanders have been instructed by armed forces chief General Apirat Kongsompong to conduct a swift investigation into the shooting.
  • The army chief has also threatened to suspend any business-oriented army projects that are found to have irregularities, said a source. Gen Apirat has been given a report on the 40 or so businesses that will be scrutinised, the source added.
  • A call centre will also be set up to receive complaints of unfairness from low-ranking officers, the source said.

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