Thailand: EC likely to go for 10 Mar 19 poll

  • The Election Commission (EC) is leaning towards making an announcement by 25 Jan 19 that the election will be on 10 Mar 19 as it has agreed that the 150-day deadline for the general election to be completed as set by the charter should include the poll results endorsement.
  • The EC can hold the election sooner than March 10, such as on 3 Mar 19, but if it selects this day, the deadline for its poll results announcement will fall too close to the King’s coronation ceremony which will be held from 4 May 19 to 6 May 19.
  • As a result, observers posited that the most appropriate date of election based on the latest EC thinking is 10 Mar 19, and if so, the EC should announce it by 25 Jan 19.

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