Thailand: EC: Election likely on 24 Feb 19

  • The general election will likely be held on 24 Feb 19, according to the roadmap set by the Election Commission (EC)
  • Natt Laosisavakul, deputy secretary general of the EC, presented in Pattaya the draft plan on the senator and the MP elections on 18 Aug 18.
  • Under the constitution, the senator election will have to be completed at least 15 days before the MP poll. The election will be for 200 senator candidates, to be shortlisted by the junta to 50.
  • Currently, both the senator and MP bills are being reviewed by the King, who has 90 days to endorse them, or until mid-Sep 18.
  • Once the senator law comes into effect on 14 Sep 18, the EC will find printers in Nov 18 and ballots will be printed in Dec 18. Regulations on the application of senator candidates will also be out in Sep 18.
  • The EC and the cabinet will then set the time and dates for the senator election and issue a royal decree governing it. The senator election will take three days for district, province and national levels and will be held simultaneously nationwide.
  • He did not spell out the dates of the senator election but said the results should be announced on 22 Jan 18.
  • After that, the election for 350 MPs will be held.
  • The EC expects the royal decree setting the date for the MP election to be issued on 4 Jan 18 and the poll taking place on 24 Feb 18.
  • Ballots will be printed in Jan 18 and Feb 18. The first lot will be sent abroad for elections outside the kingdom. The tickets will be sent to the district election offices in Feb 18.
  • Mr Natt also said the EC was asked by the NCPO to define constituencies in advance within 60 days so that primary votes can take place in the next 30 days.

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