Thailand: Dems to meet over post claim

  • All eyes are on the Democrat Party with a meeting planned on 10 Jun 19 that could make or break its coalition deal with the PPRP, in wake of reports that the PPRP wants to reclaim a number of key seats in the cabinet that it had promised.
  • The meeting will see the Democrat Party’s strategists discuss who among the party’s ranks are suited to take up ministerial posts in the next government.
  • However, after Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha secured his second term as premier, reports emerged the PPRP’s Sam Mitr group wanted to take back the posts that the party had promised its coalition partners.
  • Nonetheless, Somsak Prissananantakul, a former deputy leader of the now-dissolved Chart Thai Party which is now reincarnated as Chartthaipattana, said it is important to wait for official word from the PPRP leader and secretary-general before jumping to any conclusions.

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