Thailand: Covid-19 to be endemic from Jul 22

  • Covid-19 will be labelled an endemic disease in Thailand starting in Jul 22, allowing people to return to a normal life, the Ministry of Public Health said on 9 Mar 22.
  • Dr Kiattiphum Wongrajit, the ministry’s permanent secretary, said the national communicable disease committee has agreed with the ministry’s plan that the pandemic designation in the country will end in Jun 22.
  • Under the change, there will be no need for ATK testing for tourists and people will no longer be required to wear facemasks in public, except for those who are sick.
  • “Social distancing and mask-wearing should only be done in areas of risk or at large gatherings,” Dr Kiattiphum said.
  • The ministry has been weighing up whether to declare Covid-19 as endemic, after observing that the disease’s mortality rate had fallen to 0.18% of total cases nationwide.

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