Thailand: Chartthaipattana firm on opposing non-elected PM

  • The Chartthaipattana Party says it will support a prime minister from a political party winning the majority of House seats, not a non-elected outsider premier.
  • The term referred to a nominee not on the list of parties who is voted in by a majority in both the House and Senate.
  • Mr Paradorn, the son of Somsak Prissananantakul, another key Chartthaipattana figure, said any party which wins a majority of House seats in the next election secures a popular mandate to run the country. This also means voters have trust in the prime ministerial candidates nominated by that party.
  • In light of this, Chartthaipattana will be willing to comply with voters by supporting a candidate from that party, Mr Paradorn said.
  • The party will submit a list of prime ministerial candidates, but if its candidates do not receive enough support from other parties, it will join other parties in choosing who is most suited for the prime ministerial role post among candidates they nominate, Mr Paradorn added.

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