Thailand: Charter court to rule on Thai Raksa Chart on 7 Mar 19

  • The Constitutional Court ruling on the fate of the Thai Raksa Chart Party will be announced on 7 Mar 19, just 17 days before the general election.
  • The court said on 27 Feb 19 the evidence presented in the case was enough for the judges to make the ruling. The bench would vote and announce its decision on 7 Mar 19, it said.
  • The move came after Thai Raksa Chart last month nominated Princess Ubolratana as its sole candidate for prime minister which led to the Election Commission (EC) formally requesting the court to dissolve the party, citing a clause in Section 92 of the 2017 organic law on parties which allows the commission to propose the dissolution of a party if it has enough evidence it committed an act deemed hostile to the monarchy.
  • The announcement on 27 Feb 19 put an end to the party’s hope the court would allow it to call witnesses in its defence.

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