Thailand: Border trade activity down 9.7% between Jan 20 to May 20

  • Thailand’s cross-border trade fell by 9.7% y/y between Jan 20 to May 20 as the coronavirus ravaged the global economy and led neighbouring countries to close nearly all border checkpoints.
  • The Foreign Trade Department on 9 Jul 20 said the country’s overall cross-border trade, including transit trade, totalled THB524.35bn from Jan 20 to May 20, with Malaysia remaining the biggest partner by value.
  • Of the total figures, exports from Thailand were THB305.72bn, down 9% y/y, while imports were THB218.63bn, down 10.7%, resulting in a trade surplus of THB87.09bn.
  • Thailand’s border trade with four neighbouring countries amounted to THB309.63bn, down 14.7% y/y. Of the total, exports were THB183.72bn, down 12.8%, and imports were THB125.91bn, down 17.2%. Thailand maintained a trade surplus of THB57.81bn.

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