Thailand: ‘Big Brothers’ keep their jobs

  • According to sources, PM Prayut Chan-o-cha’s “two brothers-in-arms” who are core figures of the regime have retained their ministerial posts.
  • Meanwhile, the Democrats and Bhumjaithai have successfully grabbed key economic ministerial seats in the new cabinet, with the Democrats clinching the Agriculture and Commerce ministries while the Bhumjaithai will helm the Transport Ministry.
  • Embattled Gen Prawit Wongsuwon will remain as a deputy prime minister in the next government, while Gen Prayut will also be defence minister, a post Gen Prawit previously held, with Gen Anupong Paojinda staying on as interior minister.
  • PPRP leader Uttama Savanayana posted on Facebook that the coalition parties will find the right people to fill the cabinet jobs and the line-up of ministers should be known in a few days.
  • Meanwhile, Democrat leader Jurin Laksanavisit said that a joint meeting of Democrat MPs and executives will have the final say on who will be appointed as minister under the party’s allocation in the new government.

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