Thailand: Bidding competition for 5G intensifies

  • Three mobile operators – Total Access Communication Plc (DTAC), National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) and True Move H Universal Communication (TUC), have picked up bidding documents for the 5G spectrum license auction scheduled for 16 Feb 20.
  • Interested operators are allowed to pick up documents until 3 Feb 20.
  • The documents pertain to all the relevant information in relation to the upcoming multiband auction of the 700MHz, 1800MHz, 2600MHz and 26GHz ranges. The 2600MHz range is believed to be the most desirable to major mobile operators, as it’s the standard spectrum being used for commercial 5G service — particularly in China, the world’s biggest market for mobile subscriptions.
  • DTAC will carry out a feasibility study of criteria and procedure for the licences. The findings will be reported to a full board meeting before making a decision on the auction.
  • The Digital Economy and Society Ministry also backs state telecom enterprises TOT and CAT Telecom participating in the auctions, saying the two organisations would leverage spectrum ranges for public benefit. TOT and CAT have said unofficially that they would also be picking up bid documents. Bid documents are to be submitted on 4 Feb 20, with qualified bidders being announced on 12 Feb 20.

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