Thailand: Bhumjaithai shortlists 200 MP candidates

  • The Bhumjaithai Party has shortlisted more than 200 potential MP candidates for the next general election and plans to be represented in all constituencies, party leader Anutin Charnvirakul said.
  • Bhumjaithai also plans to stand candidates in Bangkok, which is not among its traditional strongholds.
  • Mr Anutin said the party had started the countdown to the elections due in 11 months if the government survives until then.
  • Bhumjaithai secretary-general Saksayam Chidchob, who is also transport minister, said the party was well-positioned for the general election.
  • Mr Anutin reaffirmed the party’s stand as a defender of the crown. “Our resolve is as strong as it has ever been in standing against anyone who offends the monarchy,” he said.
  • The party pledged to focus on policies to improve people’s livelihoods, curb state authority and empower the people.
  • Bhumjaithai, with 61 MPs, had gained enough political strength to push through with and ensure the campaign policies it promised in the elections three years ago materialised, he said.
  • Among Bhumjaithai’s best-known election manifestos was the delisting of cannabis as an illicit plant.

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