Thailand: Armed forces confirm poll date before 9 May 19

  • The Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters has warned pro-election demonstrators not to instigate unrest while reiterating the general election will be held before 9 May 19, within the 150-day timeframe.
  • This move came following similar warnings by the army’s chief, the army itself and the government after pro-democracy groups stepped up their campaign against a long delay of the poll last week.
  • Major Gen Krit Chantaraniyom, the spokesman of the Royal Thai Armed Forces, reassured people that the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) or the government would do everything it can to accommodate the election date to be set by the EC.
  • However, pro-democracy demonstrators say they want the royal ceremony to be held smoothly and do not mind the poll being slightly delayed from 24 Feb 19 but insist it must be no later than 10 May 19 so that the EC can announce the results within the 150-day timeline.

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