Thailand: Abhisit OK working with military

  • Leader Abhisit Vejjajiva of the Democrat Party said that he would join a “no-confidence” motion against future PM Prayut should there be good reasons, adding that he is open to working with the pro-regime PPRP as long as democratic process is sustained and they are non-corrupt.
  • Mr Abhisit said that his party has a seven-point inequality-reduction plan, along with its intention to amend the constitution, limit the Senate’s power and end mandatory military enrolment.
  • Mr Abhisit also said that unlike Pheu Thai which has vowed to lower taxes- including the rich and big corporations, his party has pledged to promote welfare benefits for targeted groups, lower taxes for low and middle-income citizens and for small and medium enterprises.
  • He also credited his party for cutting military budgets unlike the Pheu Thai which did not take action.
  • As for his own ambitions, Mr Abhisit seemed to imply that he would feel very happy should he become a popularly-elected PM.

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