Thailand: Abhisit defends primary vote

  • Democrat leader Abhisit Vejjajiva has insisted it is not easy for “outside elements” to try and weaken the party by nominating their own people to compete for the Democrat leadership through the primary voting system.
  • The Democrats will conduct a thorough background check of registered members eligible to vote for leader candidates, Mr Abhisit said 10 Sep 18 in response to the party’s plan to introduce primary voting to select candidates vying for the party’s top seat.
  • Mr Abhisit said checks on members are one way of keeping out any leader candidates controlled by elements outside of the party which want to exert their dominance over the Democrats.
  • Meanwhile, former Democrat list MP Watchara Phethong said certain figures in the regime may be trying to get someone to give Mr Abhisit a run for his money.
  • He said Mr Abhisit may be viewed as an obstacle in the regime prolonging its grip on power after the next poll. Even without Mr Abhisit as party leader, there are other Democrat stalwarts who will not make it any less easy for the regime to hang on to power, he said.

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