Thailand: 5G bids submitted on 4 Feb 20

  • Five mobile operators have informed the telecom regulator they will submit 5G spectrum auction documents on the submission date on 4 Feb 20.
  • Three operators are believed to be mainly vying for the 2600-megahertz spectrum licences: True Move H Universal Communication (TUC), Advanced Info Service and Total Access Communication (DTAC).
  • State telecom enterprises TOT and CAT Telecom plan to submit the documents before noon.
  • CAT is expected to bid for 700MHz and 2600MHz licences, while TOT goes for 26-gigahertz licences. The two enterprises cannot bid for the same licences because they are both owned by the Finance Ministry.
  • Takorn Tantasith, secretary-general of National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), said NBTC will announce qualified bidders on 11 Feb 20, five days ahead of the auction scheduled for 16 Feb 20.
  • He said the NBTC expects 25 out of the 56 licences up for auction could be snapped up by mobile operators. The 25 consist of two licences on the 700MHz range, 19 licences on the 2600MHz range and four licences on the 26GHz range.
  • 5G adoption is expected to contribute THB177bn or 1.02% of GDP, tallying THB17.3tr projected for 2020. It would rise to THB332bn in 2021 and THB476bn in 2022.
  • On 16 Feb 20, the NBTC will auction off four spectra, covering 15MHz of bandwidth on the 700MHz range, 35MHz of bandwidth on 1800MHz, 190MHz of bandwidth on 2600MHz and 2700MHz of bandwidth on 26GHz range.

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