Taiwan war games to focus on piercing blockade, preserving forces

  • Taiwan’s annual Han Kuang military drills in 2023 will focus on combating a blockade of the island and preserving the fighting ability of its forces, taking into account China’s recent war games, the defence ministry said on 26 Apr.
  • Taiwan’s defence ministry said the Han Kuang exercises would be split into two parts – tabletop drills from 15 to 19 May, and mobilised forces from 24 to 28 Jul that will participate in live-fire exercises.
  • The focus will be on combat forces “preservation” and “maritime interception”, it said.
  • That will include using civilian airports and dispersing air assets, as well as disguising forces on the ground, the ministry said.
  • The naval element will integrate sea, air and land forces to attack enemy forces and amphibious assault ships, and to protect sea lanes and counter blockade efforts, it said.
  • “Of course our drills are based on the threat of the communists invading Taiwan and its recent military exercises around Taiwan,” the ministry’s combat planning chief, General Lin Wen-huang, told a news conference.

External Link : https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/taiwan-war-games-focus-combating-blockade-preserving-forces-2023-04-26/