Taiwan: Tsai misses ‘passing grade’ in survey – 23 May 2017

  • President Tsai Ing-wen scored an average of 52.41% out of a possible 100 in a poll gauging her performance over the past year, with respondents expressing the highest levels of dissatisfaction with her economic performance, her handling of cross-strait affairs and Premier Lin Chuan’s Cabinet.
  • The poll released on 22 May 17 by the Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation following Tsai’s first year in office assessed the public’s view on the president and her major policies.
  • According to the poll, 48.3% of respondents gave her a score below 60 points, 23.2% gave her 60 points and 26.4% gave her a score higher than the passing grade.
  • Only 39.4% of respondents approved of the way Tsai conducted state affairs, while 51.8% disapproved of it, which is the second-highest disapproval rating since she took office in 2016, closely trailing the 54.4% disapproval rating in Jan 17.
  • Tsai has an approval rating of 36.7% among respondents aged 25 to 34, and 48% among people aged 65 and above, according to the poll.
  • Dissatisfaction levels on her handling of cross-strait relations and economic performance have reached record highs. The poll found that 38.1% of respondents were happy about Tsai’s performance on cross-strait relations, but 56.1% were not satisfied, the highest dissatisfaction rate since the foundation began the polls in Aug 16.

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