Taiwan says it spots two Russian warships off its east coast

  • Taiwan spotted two Russian warships off its eastern coast on 27 Jun and sent its own aircraft and ships to keep watch, the island’s defence ministry said.
  • In a statement late on 27 Jun, the ministry said the two frigates sailed in a northerly direction off Taiwan’s east coast and then “departed from our response zone” in a southeasterly direction off the port city of Suao, which is home to a major Taiwanese naval base.
  • Taiwan’s military sent aircraft and ships to keep watch and activated shore-based missile systems, it added, without providing further details.
  • Russia’s Interfax news agency reported on Tuesday that a detachment of ships of the Russian Pacific Fleet had entered the southern parts of the Philippine Sea to perform tasks as part of a long-range sea passage.
  • Taiwan has joined the United States and its allies in enacting wide-ranging sanctions against Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

External Link : https://www.reuters.com/world/taiwan-says-it-spots-two-russian-warships-off-its-east-coast-2023-06-27/