Taiwan reports 19 Chinese air force planes in its air defence zone

  • Taiwan’s defence ministry said on Wednesday it had spotted 19 Chinese air force planes in its air defence zone in the past 24 hours, part of what Taipei calls regular harassment by Beijing.
  • Taiwan’s defence ministry said 19 J-10 fighters had flown into the southwestern corner of the island’s air defence identification zone, or ADIZ, though closer to the Chinese coast than Taiwan’s according to a map the ministry released.
  • Taiwan’s forces monitored the situation, including sending up its own air force planes, the ministry added, using the normal phrasing for its response to such Chinese incursions.
  • However, the aircraft did not cross the sensitive median line of the Taiwan Strait, which previously served as an unofficial barrier between the two sides but which China’s air force has been flying over on an almost daily basis since staging war games near Taiwan in Aug 22.
  • No shots have been fired and the Chinese aircraft have been flying in Taiwan’s ADIZ, not in its territorial air space.

External Link : https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/taiwan-reports-19-chinese-air-force-planes-its-air-defence-zone-2023-03-01/